39th week's news

With the beginning of the new school year, the works have begun at the “Business Angel” as well. Of course, not all groups have paused their activities.
Each year our graduates have to consign their held positions to the youngers angels. The manager of “We know the way” project Aida Kimantaite – passed over her post to Ignas Gibas. Ieva Slizauskaite – replaced Marija Fedotovaite – as STT group manager.
At the directors meeting we have decided to merge two groups that are small but similar in functions: IT and Design. Pranas Kiziela was appointed as a director of this joint group.

The biggest news of this week was the visit of some foreigners. Past Saturday (10.01.2005) some guests from Spain and Sweden visited the “Business Angel”. It was a group of youth, who came to visit Music School in Alytus. PG group has prepared a one hour presentation about BA. We have presented our work’s goals and missions as well as activities and showed some videos. The introduction wasn’t too long and foreigners watched the videos with interest.
We are always glad to welcome new people, and each time we talk about VA activities with great inspiration.