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Hi everybody! I just wanted to say THX for your participation in the Next-Door-Neighbours project ^^.

Hello everyone :) when will be photos with us put here? i miss you very much. . . :)

I wanted to thank you very much for all you’ve done for me over four days,which we spend together.I\'ll never forget this project and Lithuanian people.I hope,that it wasn\'t our last meeting. Zapraszam do Suwałk! Pozdrawiam!sudie!

Hello dears!!! How are u doin\'? Best regards from Murmansk, Alytus, we miss u!!!!=)) We\'ve got lots of news, so see u all in yahoo=*

Hello! Best wishes to everyone from Alytus! Hope we will meet in Druskininkai in August ;)

Hello dear ANGELS!!! :)) I\'m still really VERY excited about Kick-off conference of INNOVATION CIRCLE!!! I loved it!!! In my opinion it was BRILLIANT!!! THANK YOU all and GOOD LUCK in your further porjects!!! Best wishes and hope to see you ALL again!!!:))

so... the Kick-off conference has just ended.. it was UNREAL! FANTASTIC! INCREDIBLE! PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was good improvement in many sorts (in English, communicate and so on...) for me (and i think not only for me:) ) and there were a lot of great people who i liked wery much and i`ll miss them... :) it`s sad wery much that this conference has already ended... :( I LOVE Innovation Circle! :) BEST WISHES for all members of the conference! See You later! :) Ačiū visiems Angeliukams, Giedrei, Vaclovui, organizatoriams (AMS, BIG) and THANK ALF! :)

Just looking what is happening with your project after your big day at the EXPO. Congratulation with your prize again! I am very happy to find this web page and see that you still are working hard. My best wishes............ and say hallo to "everybody"

Hello to all my friends in Alytus. My vacation is ended and I am back in business. I am thinking of you and I am planning a privat trip to Alytus together with Egil some time in october. See you then.

Hello to all my friends in Alytus, You did a very good job in Ulricehamn during the expo and I wish all of you the very best of luck in the future. I hope to see you again in the not too distant future. I really enjoyed being with you, both in Alytus the last time I was there, and in Ulricehamn.