A new "Business Angel" Director General.

Recently, “Business Angel” members have chosen a new director general of this organization. This responsibility was accred to Gabija Pranskevičiūte. Here is an interview with the Director General:

Who stimulated you to become a new leader of “Business Angel”?

An ex-director Kamile Kambleviciute tendered her office to me. I said “yes”, because I thought that it’s a tolerable proposal which will give me new experience.

How does it feel to be a new Director General of “Business Angel”?

I feel very well. I‘m happy because of this position and I really hope not to disappoint the „angels“.

What are you going to change in “Business angel”? I’m not planning big changes.  I’ll just try to unify the “Business Angel” members while playing team games. If you want to know about new activities in this organization, I can tell you that the project „We Know a Road 2010” will be organize in near future. Furthermore, I hope that in my cadence time, the design of “Business Angel” internet page will be renewed. It’s very important for our organization image. One of my purposes is more various Thursday meetings. Through them there will be not only the discussion about all works, but also practical trainings for team formation and develop logical thinking.

How do you evaluate the input of the former Director General?

I mark ex-director work well. But, I think, that Thursday meetings were too ordinary. I believe that we should have more practical trades. Then “angels” will get various experiences and turnout to meetings will not be duty, but funny pastime.

In what way will this position be useful for you?

This position will give me more leadership experience and, certainly, a lot of delight, because “Business Angel” is that place, where we can always have a good time and gladly return.