Angels holidays

Although holidays and it is very hot , but angels are intensively working in Business angel! They have a lot of work to do: to implement project „We know the way“ rafting and to participate in project „Innovation Circle“ summer camp in Latvia.
Angels are already started to prepare for the Innovation circle project which will be in August. All of us, who wanted to participate in this camp wrote motivation letters. Recently we have selected 14 applicants and from them it will be elected 8 applicants who will prepare for the camp and will take part in this event. Following 8 persons will be motivated and all of them will be worth to represent and participate in IC camp.
STT group made active angels schedule. There are active angels who are responsible and working for Business angel. Morevover, Business angel has a new problem journal where everyone can sign a problem which is in Business angel. Later these problems will be solved.
Rima Kuklytė