Innovation Circle workshop for Entrepreneurship in Alytus

1 – 5 of November proceeded “Innovation Circle” conference in which participated youth and elder people from Latvia, Sweden, Norway, Poland and Lithuania. During the event were delivered projects both of countries and discussed about youth and their involvement in business.

During the first day was project “One Day Of November in Alytus” in which the youth investigated residents o Alytus. Were filled 125 forms and the same day they were examination by instructress Jurgita Merkevičienė in Alytus college. In the evening in hotel “Old House” happened “Helloween” party and played a lot of games.

During the second day results of project “One Day of November in Altus” were represented to participants. In forms people wrote that Alytus is beautiful and clean city. Beyond this guests represented their projects. Participants supped in restaurant of glassy house where they sang karaoke. Moreover, they ought to presented their country in impressive form.

During the third day participants discussed about business incentive in everyone school in country. Moreover was talked about EXPO exhibition, its projects and presents. In the evening in the city theater proceeded valedictory party with fakir show and band concert.

After conference “Business Angel” members could rejoice their work because they invested all attempts and force. All in all, “angels” achieved a lot of experience and information.