On TV show “Forumas“ participated Vaclovas Goštautas.

On the 14-th of October on LTV TV show “Forumas” was a discussion about “When will the youth return to the province”. In the discussion many people participated which have strong opinions for this important topic. Members of the discussion were: Žaneta Intaitė-Žilinskienė director of VŠĮ „Tavo Miestas“ and well known Vaclovas Goštautas director of VŠĮ „Verslo Angelas“. „The goverment always talks about that Lithuania needs stronger regions, but young people want to escape from the province and develop there future in London, Dublin, or at least in Vilnius," – says the head of show “Forum”. "What should we do that the youth would see there future in other cities of Lithuania? What should the people and the government do that to live in Lithuania would be good? ”. The members of discussion tried to answer to these difficult questions. Many interesting ideas and thoughts are presented in the recorded show: