Self - evaluation workshop

Last year, on the 7-11 of June, we organized the project called “Close Neighbors”, which was attended by Lithuanians and Poles. The project was funded by the Lithuanian-Polish Youth Exchange Fund, which, in addition to this, organized for about ten similar projects. This year, when all the projects have already been accomplished, Kristina Dambrauskaitė, the coordinator of the Fund, has decided to find out how successful we were, thus she invited two people from each project to the evaluation workshop.

The workshop, which aims at sharing experiences and talking about the continuity of projects, was held on 11 – 13 of January. It was attended by me (a member of Youth Organization “Business angel”) and Vaclovas Goštautas (the director of PI" Business angel ").The workshop took place at the Villa Daugirdiskiai , where talks about successes and failures of different projects lasted for three days and two nights (After all, we learn from the mistakes!). After listening to the presentations of the different projects we’ve introduced our project. Moreover, we were talking about different activities and new methods of work while dealing with projects. It is gratifying that our 24 hours camp has become a hot topic. Working in groups was inevitable. Operating in this way, we‘ve created recommendations for the work in international teams, besides we were disputing on the functions of directors and participants and the division of responsibility.

I‘m greatly satisfied with the result of these three days. It was even better that I‘ve expected. The experience is immeasurable. Starting with the idea that it was the first seminar of its kind in which I participated, completing with the knowledge I gained. During those days I really improved my eloquence in expressing my thoughts as well as teamwork skills. However, all that matters is that I’ve realized, how important it is to summarize the work carried out and don’t be afraid to admit mistakes. I hope that everything we’ve learned together with Vaclovas will be useful for the future activities of “Business Angel”.

Greta Juodžiukynaitė