The election of a new "Business Angel" Director General

As in the majority of democratic organizations, the election of leaders are held in the PI „Business Angel" as well. Every three months, a new Director General is elected. He/she organises youth activities and unifies young people for the common goal. On the January 7, a new leader Kamilė Sedleckaitė was elected for the new term of office. She will take up the post of Director General.

Even though Kamilė Sedleckaitė participates in the activities of “Business Angel” since June of 2009, she joined the ranks of excellent performance and showed her leadership qualities as well as willingness to improve.

An interview with the Director General:

What does it feel like to be a new Director General of “Business angel”?
The members of “Business Angel” have trusted me and thought I would be suitable for this position. I feel really pleased and I will take the responsibility for this serious work.

What are the objectives of our work and plans for the future?

The aim of my work is to seek the revitalization of „Business Angel" and to conduct Thursday meetings in a different, more interesting manner. And for the future plans, I will initiate the creation of a new project. I hope that this great company will help me to translate ideas into actions and we will organise many interesting projects.

What are the changes to be done in “Business angel”?

“Business Angel” is waiting for the radical changes. First of all, the framework of activities will be changed fundamentally. Of course, I will not change all the system during my term of office, but we’ll try to do as much as possible.
How do you evaluate the input of the former Director General?

According to the 10 point grading scale, I will write the former Director General an 8, because of the lack of diversity.
What do the “Business angel” members expect of the new Director-General?

Justinas Daraškevičius:

I hope that the new Director General will give fresh impetus to the activities of “Business Angel”. Furthermore, I believe that pleasant projects and interesting activities will be prosecuted.

Gabija Pranskevičiūtė:
I hope that Thursday meetings of “Business Angel” will retrieve the previous importance, because recently they haven’t been treated seriously enough. Moreover, I believe that the Director General will be able to team up the members of „Business Angel".