“Verslo Angelas” – organization of the year

May 21-22d. “Alytaus Liberalus Jaunimas” (Alytus Liberal People)
organized an event called organization matches, in which were clarified which
organization is the best. This year six organizations took the challenge:
“Alytaus Šaulų Rinktinė“, “Alytaus
Kolegijos Studentų Atstovybė“, “Baltų Ainiai“, “Alytaus Miesto mokinių Taryba“,
“Lietuvos Jaunųjų Socialliberalų Sąjunga“ and “Verslo Angelas“.


Organizations which came had to take up many challenges. The
first challenge was rope pulling competition, also – water carrying on very
unstable logs. Although the first three challenges were very hard, all the
organizations were friendly and waited for the final match.


After the sport competition, the teams waited for the
creative challenge. All teams got materials like onetime plates, onetime forks,
cups, 2 blanks of paper, pens and some duck tape. From these materials they had
to make an egg catcher. The egg had to fall into the egg catcher: the egg
couldn’t brake and the egg catcher can’t fall apart. Only two teams won this
challenge – “Baltų Ainiai”
and Verslo Angelas”!


After this challenge there was left only one challenge –
karaoke singing. This competition was judged by the “Alytaus Liberalaus
Jaunimo” organization members. With a good mood and thoughts of wining the
teams waited for the time when they will know which organization will be the


After five hours three winners where declared. Third place –
“Alytaus  Šaulių Rinktinė”, second place
– “Baltų Ainiai” and the first place – “Verslo Angelas”! The young “angels”
were very happy and couldn’t stop smiling.


Gabija Pranskevičiūtė