\"We know the way\" is coming!

There`s coming forth “We know the way” treck. We`ll go by rafts in August 15 – 18 day. “Business Angel” works really hard, that this “We know the way” project would be the best of all. Two weeks ago we selected new project “We know the way” director, Jonas Kuklys.

The treck is coming and everybody has work now. This summer to Alytus came our students to help us, so they share theirs experience with us.“Business Angel” divided up to the groups and they are working in theirs ranges now.

Printing – house has already make promotional posters, flyings. One of our member made record in FM radio, so advertisement is circulate.

In the mornings, there is meeting “Morning with coffee”. In these meetings participate groups` derectors, they talk about new problems.

We plan to make this treck interesting and useful. Everyday there`ll be theme and all participants`ll talk and discuss about it.

There`re already registred 92 people to the treck.