When one more month passed

At this month “Business Angel” get a great new from Marijampole’s district taxes inspection that “Business Angel” win the first stage and recover money of 2005 year filled declarations. It was a great knew for “Business Angel” because we can continue our works.
Also we continue works with project “Youth Street”. We communicate with all Aytus’s districts villages and small towns. We wonder do they continue works, but rare which occupied works after end of project.
This month “STT” group made a list of actives and inactives angels. At this moment in “Business Angel” are 58 members and from them 27 are actives.
At January 25th happened the one of most important event for “Business Angel”-reporting meeting. Meeting went swimmingly, without troubles, just unfortunately it were a few people.
Now we preparing for other works, which most important are “IC Expo” and “Bonsai” expositions. Also “Business Angel” planning move in a new lodgement.