Winter sports get off to a good start in Alytus Dainu slenis

“Dainu slenis has to sing!” – these are the words uttered by young people in Alytus, during the hike to this beautiful place. The hike was organized in order to get the opinion of youth about the future of this important though abandoned place. During the trip a number of original ideas was introduced. One of them will be realized on the 31 of January, it is the opening of an ice-rink.

It may interest you to know why young people are concerned about the future of Dainu slenis. Greta Juodziukynaite, the leader of the initiative team, answers this question: “We seek to revitalize Dainu slenis, because we want to change the way people think of the old town of Alytus, moreover we want to encourage townspeople to communicate and spend their leisure time more actively”. Thus everyone, who is not indifferent to the future of Alytus has to contribute to the realization of this generous idea.

Initiative Team of Dainu slenis, the organizers of the event, invite people who enjoy winter sports to the opening of this ice-rink. Visitors will be able to participate in mini-competitions (e.g. quatrain poetry contest, the contest of the most gorgeous snow sculpture and many more!) Line dances, different relays and ice hockey competition (do not forget the necessary equipment for this game!) are waiting for you. Winners will be awarded with prizes. At the end of the program a disco is organized. The participants will have a possibility to taste rolls of bread with hot tea.

Please, come to Dainu slenis on the 31 of January and prove that you are concerned about the future of Alytus. Registration to the sports contest starts at 10:30 AM; the event starts at 11:00 AM. Do not forget ice-skates, sledges and cheerful mood.